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We serve our clients with great sense of pride.

Services Offered

Dry Cleaning

Stitch World Alterations and Dry-Cleaners offers professional dry cleaning for all types of women's and men's clothing. We can also do traditional laundry and ironing as well as steam ironing. We exercise keen attention to detail when removing stains without compromising the quality of the garments. We make sure your clothes look brand-new!


We specialize in constructing men’s suits and jackets. You can get your jackets, pants, shirts, uniforms, and kurta pajamas made here. We can create these items so they reflect your personal style and fit you perfectly.


If something in your closet isn’t fitting you properly, please let us give you a fitting and an estimate. Prices are determined by the types of fabrics in and construction methods of your garments.

Here is a short list of our alteration services. If you don’t see the type of service you need or you dream of making something very specific and unique, please give us a call or visit our shop in Delta, British Columbia. Our tailors will do their best to make your dream come true!


      • Bust Alterations
      • Side Seams Alteration
      • Hem Alteration
      • Lace Back
      • Veil Alterations
      • Straps


      • Shorten at Waist From the Top
      • Shorten Sleeves
      • Taper Sleeves
      • Hemming


Reduce Shoulder

Narrow Lapel

Shorten Sleeves

Take-In Side

Lower Collar

New Lining


Shorten Sleeves

Take-In Side

Shorten Coat

New Lining



Taper Legs

Take-In or Let-Out Waist

New Zipper

New Lining

New Loop



Take-In or Let-Out Waist

Taper Both Sides

Shorten Waist From the Top

New Elastic


  • Hemming
  • Shorten Sleeves
  • Take-In Side


It's difficult to pre-establish costs for specific garments as they vary according to type of work. Get in touch and we can give you better sense of cost

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